Issue/Bug in split by Version 37

Hi ,
There seems to be possible issue or bug in the split by methods of version 37 based on below observation

  1. Prior to latest update to 37 i was using random by split in one competition human proteins of kaggle . Last max score i got was 0.456 , i was unable to use split by ids in that version

  2. After upgrading to version 37 which was having fix for split by idx usage , my score suddenly droped to .06 /.05 when i used split by idx and there was no improvement even upon using random split by pct.

  3. I downgraded my fastai version to 34 and used random split by pct ,after that my score got restored.

Does any one find any similar issue with Image Item list of version 37 ?
(ImageItemList.from_df( df_i,path, folder=‘train’, suffix=’.png’)
.random_split_by_pct(0.1)/spit by idx