Is this course still relevant, github says it was last time it was updated 5 years ago?


I’m just wondering if this course is still relevant. Github says it was last time it was updated 5 years ago. Would you still recommended it today?


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yes, of course it’s still worth it to take the course
since the had a version2 and released a book in 2020

The content of the course are still relevant

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I think @resolver101757 is referring to the Computational Linear Algebra course.

Yes, I think the concepts taught in that course are still relevant nowadays.

For the deep learning course, a new version should be released to the public in August this year.

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Yeas I was referring to the linear algebra course. @iamgianluca Much appreciated, im pondering the best way to learn linear algebra… the old fashioned way or more practical like this course …

Since no paradigm changing discoveries have been made in the field of Linear Algebra in the last 5 years, I’d say it’s a safe bet to say this course is still relevant. You may need to install newer versions of libraries and whatnot, but the core of this course is probably still relevant.

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Yes, I agree. This course really teaches foundational things. The material should not change much over the years and Rachel truly did a great job at teaching the course and keeping it interesting. Definitely recommended :+1: