Is there any transcripts for the videos available anywhere?

A written text transcript of each lesson would be much appreciated. They don’t need to be time-coded at all.

Benefits of this:

  • we can refer back to the transcripts without having to play the videos all the time.
  • this will save us a ton of time and helping us learn more effectively.
    • the transcript files are extremely helpful for searching up contents quickly.

The importance of transcripts:

In the previous course, @lin.crampton was kind enough to manually (old-fashioned) transcribe the full set of videos.

I think, some kind of crowd-sourced approach would be cool.

Thanks to everyone who are thinking on how to help your fellow students. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t have “transcripts” but I did take fairly detailed notes if it helps:

Still working on lesson 10, 13, and 14, but the rest should be there.


There are auto-generated transcripts on youtube that are searchable. Click the 3 dots at the bottom right of the video to get to it. But yes, a proper transcript would be even better, since there’s plenty of errors in the automatic one.

BTW one idea would be to use Lin’s transcripts to train a better voice recognition model for my voice, and then auto-generate the transcripts for the new videos. You could even learn a language model to make it more accurate… It would be quite a big project, but it would be pretty amazing to let anyone create a speech recognizer from their own youtube captions!


That sounds like a fantastic project!! I usually have the youtube’s transcripts open next to the video, but it could use some improvements. I was quite impressed when it spelled “Leslie Smith” correctly, but other terms like “ReLU”, not so much.

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BTW I’ve just gone through and added @hiromi’s excellent notes to all the wiki posts.


Thank you :blush: I will update the last 3 as soon as I get them done!

I am aware of your awesome set of notes on all the new lessons including Machine Learning. Really helpful. I have been reading some of those DL Part 2 2018 notes before the official launch. I noticed the notes are pretty much in sync with the video. Easy to follow. So, yeah, in some way, almost like “transcripts” :slight_smile: Thank you very much.

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Yes, there’s a wealth of content in each lecture. Especially in part 2 where we end up implementing recent SOTA papers/techniques in each lecture. Taking notes and reviewing multiple times is the way to go!

Right. A previous participant have also created a simple Python script to grab the auto-generated transcripts on all YouTube videos but the transcription quality is so low that it’s even hard to manually correct the mistakes. But with the part 2 2018 edition, the video quality is so much better, so the auto-gen YouTube subtitles are better:

Thanks for giving me the idea. Yeah, it’s an interesting idea to turn into a project with great potentials. :thinking: