Is there any security issue with CurlWget?

I am using CurlWget for downloading specific files to amazon ec2 from kaggle. I am just wondering what are the security implications of this method. A course in cryptography has made a formidable skeptic. Can somebody having security background shed some light on it.
I was having security issues when I was trying to connect to amazon ec2 last night. Amazon warned me that somebody was eavesdropping on my connection. I then uninstalled CurlWget, everything after that worked fine after that.

Any browser extension can request access from you to read data from websites you visit. CurlWget obviously needs this in order to do its job.

It’s possible for the extension author to misuse this information.

However CurlWget’s source is available, so if you need to be confident it is safe, you can look at it (it’s not too long). I wouldn’t say that this browser extension is any more or less dangerous than any other piece of software you install on your computer.