Is there any IDE I can use to conveniently edit .py files on Paperspace?

Prior to taking this course, I’ve done most of my Python programming locally and have used mainly Spyder to edit .py files. For this course, most of the files I’ve worked with were iPython notebooks which were fine to edit over a web connection. But I haven’t found a convenient IDE to use when I want to edit .py files directly on a Paperspace server. I know the following options exist but none of them are satisfactory:

  • Mounting the SSH drive. Since I’m running Windows, I can’t really find a convenient way to do that.
  • Run a X server locally and tunnel the SSH connection through that: it’s VERY slow.
  • Editing the .py files locally and uploading them to Paperspace to run them. This is EXACTLY what I’m trying to avoid by possibly running an IDE on Paperspace that I can connect to. It gets very tiring when fixing a bug and you have to upload it to Paperspace and rerun it and go back and forth each time for several times before your program finally runs correctly. Granted, if it’s something that’ll run very quickly locally, I won’t need Paperspace but I’m only talking about programs that take a LONG time to run like training models here.

Is there a web app I can install on my Paperspace instance that I can use to edit .py files locally in a graphical IDE? Also, I’ve heard of people installing Teamviewer on AWS instances; is this an option as well? (From my experience, Teamviewer is much less laggy than SSH Server Tunneling although I hear your host server needs to be able to run Windows programs for it to work since the Linux version of Teamviewer is basically the Windows version wrapped with WINE.)

Jupyter Lab:

It works just like Jupyter Notebook that we love and use. Except that Editing capabilities .py files are significantly enhanced.

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