Is there an active slack community?

I have seen mention of a Slack channel on the wiki, but it appears I might need an invite. If that is the case, may I request one? my email for that would be

FWIW, I am super impressed with everything about this course so far. I have really enjoyed watching the first introduction video and getting my local and AWS env setup. I am coming into this as a senior software engineer, with decent knowledge of this space, no practical experience, but a strong desire to learn.

I participated in the Titanic Kagle project and provided a Java/WEKA impl on github for it, and I am really looking forward to this journey.

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Hi James,
My understanding is: there was a dedicated Slack channel for Part 1 back in fall 2016, as a channel for “current participants” but this was discontinued in favor of (“free” and easier archive management/search)


Makes sense. Thank you very much Eric.

Maybe just rehashing @EricPB’s answer, but (at the time of writing) there’s this mention on the wiki’s FAQ section:

Do you have a Slack channel so I can ask questions? How can I join?

For most questions and discussions, we prefer to use Discourse […] available at and open to anyone.

Googled for it, this was on of the top results, and it seems to be current for V3 of Part 1 (2018) as well. :+1:

It’s still a bit confusing, because the Welcome Message when you first join the Forums mentions the Slack channel. Maybe a moderator who has access to the welcome message can edit this?

Welcome to the forums for the Practical Deep Learning For Coders MOOC! These forums were also used for the in-person course we taught…

(At this point you’ll also be able to view a previously hidden post about how to join our slack channel.)

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I am a newcomer here and I was also looking for that “hidden post about how to join our slack channel”.

Even though this thread is very old, I am assuming that the edit was not made and that there is no slack channel.

If I am wrong, I would appreciate to learn about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.