Is there a curated list of kaggle notebooks written in

I want to learn deeper through analyzing some awesome kaggle notebooks.

please let me know if you know any!

I’m not aware of any curated collection of fastai kaggle notebooks. But if you search on kaggle for “fastai”, select notebooks and sort by relevancy you find a lot of content:

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I guess those notebooks were developed with fastai v1.
@chansung18 idea seems great

That’s true. There obviously aren’t that many written in v2 yet. However, there is still a great amount to learn from the older notebooks (especially given that the high level API is not that different).

It’s definitely a great idea to create such a list! If I remember correctly Jeremy said somewhere that he wants to write a fastai starter notebook for all new kaggle competitions.

I would also be good for old competitions as well. Maybe create a group for Kaggle competitions :slight_smile:


maybe I could make something like “awesome fastai notebooks”, the curated list.

I wonder how widely fastai can be used for lots of different tasks.


That’s a great idea! Would be a good way to coordinate the development of community written starters for new and old competitions. I would join such group :slight_smile:


I am in.


me too

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Alright, how should we proceed @fredguth @dmitry198304? Open a new thread here on the forums to coordinate the work on kaggle? And possibly another thread to collect existing work @chansung18?