Is their a difference if you set the learning rate in the fine_tune method and not in the vision_learner?

I always set the learning rate in the vision_learner, but the other day I watched Jeremy declare it in the fine_tune method. Using fine_tune(12, 0.01). If you check the vision_learner documentation you can also pass an lr parameter. Is there a real benefit of using it in the learner method?

learn = vision_learner(dls, resnet18, metrics=error_rate)


The learning rate in fine_tune will override the learning rate set in vision_learner irrespective of whether a learning rate is passed or not since it has a default value(0.002). fine_tune invokes fit_one_cycle which does this override.

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if you declare the learning rate in vision_learner. Will, it gets overwritten by the base_lr in the fine_tune method?

Yes correct.

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