Is the framework public enough to be blogging about it?

@jeremy I’m putting together a short medium post on contributing to the framework here, but I didn’t want to publish it if the goal is to keep the framework on the down low for the time being.

For folks like me considering the same, how would you prefer us to proceed while the class is in progress and the codebase actively worked on.

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I think it would be great - if you share a draft here we can help with feedback, if that’s of interest…

@jeremy will be ok if I share my experience running the lesson1 ? about the tool and swap space etc


This first post is just a basic tutorial on how to contribute. I see a lot of folks asking how who may not be familiar with git and how pull requests work. Any criticisms are more than welcomed.


Absolutely! Would love to see a draft here if that’s convenient.

Very nice. One thing which makes things much easier is hub: . Might be worth explaining, particularly since your target audience is newer folks? When using hub you don’t even need to fork, just clone works well with this approach - and I find quite a bit easier to explain and understand.

(Just my $0.02 - feel free to ignore, of course :slight_smile: )

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Not sure that’s how it works, unless the fastai repo lets anybody make branches and pull requests. AFAIK, Direct branches and pull requests only work for organization/repository members.

It’s a workflow built into hub - see the docs: . You do end up forking, but it’s a super simple part of the hub workflow.

Ah, I see. :+1:

Appreciate the feedback.

Will mention hub, but I’m going to stick with the github instructions for a couple of reasons.

First, I think its informative w/r/t understanding how git works. You’d be amazed at how many solid developers I know who use git, get in trouble because of not understanding it works. Or they are afraid to contribute to open source projects because concepts like “forking” and “pull requests” seem magical to them. I want to remove the mystery.

The second reason is that the workflow can be applied more universally regardless of what kind of whether you are using a tool like ‘hub’ or a GUI.