Is nbdev still alive?

I feel a little ungrateful asking this question, but it’s been around 6 months since there’s been a substantive commit at I recently stumbled across a blog post by Hamel from around the time nbdev development appears to have stopped subtitled “Why I decided not to commercialize nbdev”.

If ya’ll are not planning on continuing to actively maintain nbdev, I’d just like to know so I can make plans to transition my project away from it going forward. I guess you might also consider recruiting new maintainers?

Apologies in advance if I’m jumping to conclusions or if I’ve missed your comment on this elsewhere.

Oops, I’m just now seeing (thanks to a helpful tip) that just a few days ago @hamelsmu commented on this topic on the discord, complete with an encouraging invitation for new contributors:
Just want to echo that it is a good opportunity for someone willing to get involved in nbdev to do so…

I guess the way to go about responding to that invitation is to start making helpful PRs?

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Correct - my suggestion is to start with improving the documentation

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If you allow me the grumble, there are several doc related PRs open for months. If you need help merging those, I’m happy to help.

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Right, I guess that was part of what made me fearful for nbdev’s future (and hesitant to put the time into making PRs). To be fair, though, I only see one doc-related PR that strikes me immediately as ready to merge without further (time-consuming) testing, discussion, or revisions:

Thanks, @jeremy, for resuscitating it quite thoroughly in the past 24 hours!