Is my system capable for CUDA?

Hello Guys…!
I have Lenovo Ideapad 330 with i5 8th gen. processor and I have 2 gb AMD radeon graphics card and iIntel® UHD Graphics 620 (Kabylake GT2).
The command nvidia-smi returns nothing.
I have tried to run on gpu with cuda drivers.But it was not working.
So can I use openCL in pytorch for running on GPU.
any advice will be apreciated.
Thank you !

Hello @RushabhVasani24 , Pytorch comes in two flavors. CPU and CUDA GPU (CUDA is specifically an Nvidia technology). With your setup you will need to get an external Nvidia GPU or opt for a hosted GPU. There is a list of providers and how tos on the FastAI course site: -> Server Setup.

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No, CUDA is supported only on Nvidia devices. Since you have an AMD radeon graphics card, your system is not capable of running CUDA.

If, however, your laptop has a USB-C port with Thunderbolt support, then you might be able to connect an external Nvidia GPU and run pytorch on that.

No, pytorch currently does not support, and does not plan to support OpenCL.

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Thanks for replying it was helpful !!

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