Is it possible to save with best epoch?

Now the is only save the last epoch weight. Is it possible to save with best epoch?

This functionality is under development and will appear soon with a callback.



There is a SaveModel callback


Thanks but it error. The source from other github can works.

It seems we have no permission to see this.
How to join dev community to be able to see a link?

I don’t think it’s a permissions issue, but I also have the same problem: most of the Jupyter notebooks from FastAI on github don’t load for me. (Not sure if it has to do with github’s choices about render-time cutoff or something local on my end.)

It’s now merged in the fastai library. There is no permission to see the notebooks, it’s just github not rendering them properly. If you clone the repo you’ll see them fine.

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nbviewer ( is able to render them properly.

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