Is it possible to combine aug_transforms with some transforms of Albumentations for Segmentation?

I have tried the next code without exit:

aug_transforms(mult=1.0, do_flip=True, 
                                flip_vert=True, max_rotate=10., 
                                p_affine=0.75, p_lighting=0, 

ElasticTransform,GridDistortion, OpticalDistortion are the ones from Albumentations that I would like to use.

Albumentations is used as follows: aug(image=image, mask=mask)

You would need to wrap them as ItemTransform to make them applied on the tuple as a whole and not on each part of the tuple. Also I’m not sure albumentation provides augmentation on a batch of images on the GPU, so you should probably pass those as item_tfms and not inside aug_transforms.

Okey, I will let you know when I try it.