Is it necessary to read the book after each lecture?

I am starting out with the course. At the end of the first lecture, it recommended that we read the first chapter of the book, then we should attempt to do a simple exercise like the examples given at the end. Or even just do something like the bird recognition exercise given at the beginning of the course.

However, I looked at the book online that is free and the chapters appear quite long. If this is just repeat information from the lectures, this seems like frankly a waste of time. If I had unlimited time, I could see the value. But I work a full time job and need to be efficient with my time to get through the course. I do not have unlimited time and can see this reading the book as easily doubling or even tripling how long this course is going to take to get through. If the information is just repeated information from the lectures, this seems like low value to time gained from doing this.

Has anyone watched both the lectures and read the chapters in the book? Do you feel that is is required that you also read the book to truly get all the information out of this course? Or do you feel that it is not needed?

Thanks if anyone can answer. I really would only like to read the book if it is truly necessary.


Hi Blue
The old rule was watch the videos three times but that was before we had the book. There is a lot in the videos but I would say watch the video and read the book. Be careful to check for errata on the book’s website. Luckily there are not many errors. Doing is the key to learning but even the most simple exercise can be difficult because something has changed in the environment and you have to acquire new knowledge to get it to work. This course will take a lot of your time but building slowly is best.
Regards Conwyn

I find lectures and the book chapters to be complementary. Yes, it takes longer, but I find it helpful reading the book using O’Reilly app on my phone when I am on the go. Some material takes a while to sync in.

If you’re concerned about the book chapters being too lengthy and potentially redundant with the lectures, you could try a compromise. Start by skimming the book chapters and focusing on sections that seem particularly relevant or provide additional insights beyond the lectures. This way, you can optimize your reading time while still gaining valuable knowledge.Speaking of books, if you ever decide to explore some historical romance, you might find A Guide to Reading the Bridgerton Books helpful. It can be a delightful escape when you need a break from course materials.