Introduce yourself here!

Hi, Im Walner from Brazil. I’m a computer engineering student. I’m 50 years old.


hi, Nalini,

Hello! just want to say I’m totally with you. and I really want to cry sometimes.

I saw your post and Francisco’s post (somewhere) about “never give up”.

keeping me going right now.

I’m Angelina. nice to meet you. :slight_smile:


Hi Angelina, thanks for the note! Nice to meet you too. Are you attending in person?

And yes, after days of no “progress”, I want to cry too! But hang in there and do the best you can… try to reward yourself with small easy bits of progress so you feel encouraged to keep going. Like after struggling for 3 days to create a new model and failing (for random reasons), I decided to just redo a lecture and see if I understand more of it. Felt like progress, so I’m going to keep at it for a bit more before I go back to failing at model creation. Haha! :laughing:


Thank you! :smile: I mean truly!

yes. i’m in person. Are you?

best, angelina

This struck a note for me so wanted to share some personal encouragement as well. This is my 3rd time taking fastai course part 1 (v1…v2…v3! + part2v2) and I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface (<10%) of understanding it all. I definitely encounter that frustration of not being able to technically achieve what I envision on a near-daily basis and don’t imagine that feeling will go away anytime soon.

So yes, definitely hang in there and make one bit of progress at a time wherever you can find it! The key is to not stop. You’ll end up further along than you realize but it won’t feel that way until you look back at where you started from.


When it hurts keep going and as Dave said don’t stop.


exactly depending on the startig point its a big mouthfull to take in 1 or all of ;

  • creating your environment conda , pip, server setup
  • python
  • a fast moving fastai
  • and produce results
    but we are getting there step by step by being tenacious and by supoprt from the community

Perseverance is the new intelligence :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip and for sharing! I am loving the live course.

I’m late to post this, in the last weeks of the course, but I was inspired by Jeremy and Rachel’s discussion of bias and ethics in AI last week, which is very important to me, so here I am…

I’m the old guy in class! :grin: I’ve had a successful career in almost all aspects of software, with my own small consulting firm for over 20 years (mostly business and database applications) and now am focusing on ML applications for worthwhile causes. I’m not interested in typical commercial or financial applications - I’ve done lots of those! I’m especially interested in deep learning and want to apply it to systems that directly help people or the planet. Some areas that I find intriguing are abusive content detection, minimizing bias in ML, mental health and almost any social justice, human rights, or environmental application. I’m currently exploring NLP for fake/false news classification with fastai and plan to get further into that.

I have an Engineering MS from Stanford and also an MBA from Golden Gate Univ. in SF. I had been taking Coursera classes, including Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course and Deep Learning specialization (which were great), and Google’s Machine Learning with TensorFlow specialization (not so great…). But I think the fastai approach is perfect for me and I was really excited to find out about it just a couple of months ago. I like the in-person classes and think it’s very cool that Jeremy emphasizes building a community both in-person and online.

While I’ve done lots of programming (going back to Fortran!) I’m pretty new to Python and brand new to PyTorch, so I’m on a steep learning curve. But it’s fun!


Also maybe the most geeky motivational poster ever! 95% of the population wouldn’t get it! :grinning:


I’m Abhimanyu from Delhi, India. Currently I’m studying in IP University, Delhi. Though my major/branch at college is mechatronics (cool, Huh?) But I’m interested more toward the computer science part. At present, I’m doing Deep learning course and previously I’ve completed Data Foundation Nanodegree Udacity, and ‘Intro to PyTorch’ Udacity.
P.S: If there’s any Delhi based study group for this course. Do let me know.
Here’s my LinkedIn profile -

Hi! I’m Aniket Maurya from India. I’m a CS undergrad. I am interested in Deep learning. I have been through Deep learning specialization by Andrew Ng. I want to work in AI-healthcare field.
You can find me writing blogs on


Hi, I’m from Viet Nam.
My biggest achievement so far is having a blog post shared on Twitter by @jeremy himself :smile: (proof
I want to do research in Deep Learning but did not have research experience during my Bachelor time with any professor. So I will try to have a really polished research project on my own as Jeremy recommend and hopefully can land a research engineer position or funding for university somewhere abroad in 2019.

Wish all your hard efforts into fastai pay you off generously.


Hi everyone. I’m Walter, an MD/PhD resident physician in Radiology from Boston, MA, USA. I’m currently working on a variety of AI tools for Neuroradiology applications. My background includes an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Neuroscience focusing on electrophysiology and computational neuroscience.

I started my Deep Learning journey about 2 years ago, when I began self-study in Python by attempting to translate my MATLAB and R data analysis skills on a research project I was working on at the time. Since then, I have participated in a few ML and DL MOOCs, as well as the most recent RSNA Kaggle challenge, primarily using keras with tf backend. I’ve played around with adapting CNN architectures for medical image analysis and have built a few NLP tools (including one based on an LSTM model) for extracting information from radiology reports.

I’ve also followed along loosely with an earlier version of the courses, but with the public release of v3, I’m back to take it more seriously (e.g. participating in the forums). My hopes are to bring my skills to a new level and really try to learn fastai and torch.



I have a veterinary degree but I am also a proficient developer (web, data science). I am trying to make a career switch from web development towards science, but despite significant knowledge of data science I haven’t succeeded yet.

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Hi everyone
I’m Robin from London, I’ve a background in physics (PhD & industry) but steadily moved more towards development over the last couple of years. In particular I am a regular contributor to Home Assistant (open source python3 home automation) and I tend to focus on vision and deep learning integration, e.g. for face recognition. I also dabble in data science, and we launched a data platform for doing analytics on home automation data. I’m particularly interested in optimising models for edge computing, and also for time series prediction.

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Hello this is Adrian from the Netherlands, just joined deep learning study group in the Hague. Background in Mathematics :slight_smile:

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Hey Guys!
I am Abhijith Chandran. I am a sophomore from India. I had already completed all 2018 course and now am eager to get on with the 2019 course.

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Hello everyone! I’m Karthik - I run a startup called ModelChimp( - which is an open source tool to keep a track of your Deep Learning experiments.

I’m sort of new to Machine Learning - been watching some videos and learning the basics since we started working on ModelChimp. I’m looking to get an overall understanding of what Deep Learning can do and maybe build a couple of Models that’s solving a real world problem.

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