Introduce yourself here!


I am Neeraj Agrawal, working as a data scientist. As per my academic background I am an electrical engineer. I am looking forward to use deep learning techniques to some IOT/electrical domain related problems. :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic!

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Hi everyone! I’m Charlie Harrington (@whatrocks on Twitter). I’m a self-taught software engineer excited to become a mostly-self-taught data scientist!

I work for a deep learning platform called FloydHub, and I’ve done some experiments with transfer learning and dataset collection with my pet robot. But that’s about it so far.

I’m often hung up about the maths behind the scenes with DL, so I’m excited about this course’s approach of just getting stuff built first and foremost. But I still need to keep reminding myself not to get too bogged down in the weeds. I’m sure this is a common feeling. I’d just love to better understand the maths, too.


Hi, I’m Leo from San Francisco. I am a finance professional trying to catch up with the latest developments in data science. Looking forward to learning along with everyone!

I am Tom from St. Louis MO. I work as a helpdesk engineer, and I am hoping to work in data science in a near future.

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Thank you Daniele.

Hi All,

I’m glad to be here, Thanks @jeremy @rachel and team, for made available to everyone and Opensource.

I currently work full time in India as a Data Scientist and I love to solve real world Deep Learning (AI) problems. Looking forward to learning more! Happy to contribute to these forums.

Happy Learning!

Good to see you @hiromi big fan of your lecture notes

My name is Swagato. I’m a 3rd year computer science student from Kolkata. I’m extremely passionate about programming and ML. It feels great to meet all you here. I’m looking forward to share this wonderful journey together.

Hi, I’m Rohit and I work in California. I have done my PhD research in feature selection. I’m taking this course to learn PyTorch and the latest and greatest in the field of deep learning that Jeremy always includes this course. I hope to contribute to the FastAI library once I get to know it better.

Hi everyone,
I live in southern Sweden and work in the town of Jönköping currently working as a web strategist and solutions architect. My background is in software development from embedded systems to application server environments and IT-architecture. Having tried a course in AI at university in the late 80ies I soon realized I lacked the math to follow along, and have since then not given it a chance until Andrew Ng published his machine learning course on Coursera a few years ago. I didn’t complete the course, but got inspired and realized that a lot had happened in ML/AI and it was time to get jolly well get stuck in.
Having discovered and started on last years DL-course and realized that this is doable I was thrilled when I saw the new course was about to start and signed up.

I have really enjoyed this first week and I’m looking forward to part 2 tonight (2.30 am our time). See you there!

Hey all!

I’m Mike - currently working at a design studio called Obscura Digital in SF that builds art installations and interactive experiences. I work on the software team, developing various systems and tools that run our artworks. Been really interested in the intersection of machine intelligence and art - everything from GANs to tools like OpenPose to A.I. ethics / discourse. Mostly taking this class to bring some structure to my otherwise chaotic personal studies :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting more of you, either online or in-person!

Hi everyone,
I’m a Frenchman with a business education/experience, recently based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Currently on sabbatical, I like to explore new approaches/techniques to solve everyday’s issues.
I’m more into operations/practice than research/theory of DL/ML.


Hey everyone!

Got late in introductions. Usman here - living in Islamabad, Pakistan. Been in touch with ML since 2015 when I took Andrew Ng’s course on Machine Learning. I work as Software developer in my day job, afterwards, it’s ML time for me!

@jeremy Really thankful for this opportunity!

Looking forward to meeting more of you, either online or in-person! (I stole that one from @mike_w )

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Hello everyone, I was having problems in those first classes and I was absent. My name is Walner, I’m a graduate in Computer Science, I’m 50 years old and living in Brazil.

Hey everyone, my name’s Jed. I was laid low with a bad flu bug the last two weeks so have been a bit behind, and had to join in remotely for lesson 1 & 2. I’m a juvenile diabetic so it knocks me around more than normal. Anyway, pretty much caught up and hoping to start contributing here rather than lurking :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing some of you in person next week on Thursday, and hopefully at some of the upcoming study groups at Howard St, as well as chatting more here!

I’m working on a startup that’s trying to help people with social media distraction and low quality content like fake news. I’m also working on a personal project to try to predict insulin doses based on activity/food intake and other metrics which I think could be an interesting use of DL. I’ve followed some of the earlier coursework, but have a lot of gaps and things to learn.

I have some experience with AWS so hoping I can contribute on that front too.

Hey everyone, my name is Uwais Iqbal and I’m from London. I’ve been kind of hesitant and a bit intimidated by everything but have finally convinced myself to put myself out there :sweat_smile:.

I have an academic background in Theoretical Physics and currently work as a Research Scientist/Engineer at a startup focusing on applying ML and NLP to extract information from legal contracts and financial documents at scale. I also have a background in traditional Islamic Studies, classical Arabic and manuscript studies.

I’m very keen on using what I learn from this course and trying to apply it to my everyday work. But I’m also interested in Arabic NLP and Machine Translation and more generally the digital humanities. It would be super cool if we could get a working model using the fastai library to do segmentation and OCR on manuscripts :star_struck:.

I’ll try and be more involved in the forums, but I’d love to hear from anyone interested in working on similar projects.

PS - I’m on Twitter @UwaisIqbal94 so please get in touch :raised_hands:

I am Opeoluwa from Nigeria. I have my background in Computer science and background experience as a web application developer but now I am a machine learning enthusiast. I started self study into datascience about 2 years ago and currently researching into deep learning and its application for image classification to solving real problems.

I am so glad to be here. - Sorry my introduction is coming late, I actually thought I had introduced myself much earlier

That would be cool - especially studying classical Arabic manuscripts! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, sorry I missed replying to this thread! Still figuring my way around here. :sweat_smile:

My name is Nalini, and this is my first attempt at Deep Learning.

This is also my first attempt at Python (last time I wrote code was 8 years ago)! And first time using cloud infrastructure, Jupyter and forums and everything in between!! :slight_smile: So like @uwaisiqbal mentioned… it’s been all kinds of emotions so far - hesitant, intimidated, excited, courageous, confused, anxious… but I remind myself of Jeremy’s reassurances that this is OK!

Why am I here and what do I want from this course: Last year I was looking at the design goals for population scale social impact tech and got deeply interested in questions around ethics of such tech. That led me to explore ethics around AI. Which got me wanting to understand first hand how AI models work and how they fail! And that’s why I’m here. :slight_smile:

Anyone with interests in social impact tech and use of AI for that, please do connect… I’m also new to the Bay Area and would love to connect or collaborate on things.

OK, this wasn’t so bad. Phew. :sweat_smile: