Introduce yourself here!

Hello everyone, my name is Luis Herrera. I am a Software Engineer from Lima - Peru. I would like to learn more about machine learning / deep learning.

Kris from Hungary! Staying right now in Thailand. If anyone is in Chiang Mai, give me a heads up!

Hey Everyone, I’m Andrew from Houston, Texas.

I work in Oil and Gas.

Glad to be here to follow the course live and spend the next few weeks learning with all of you.

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Hi, Fred Diehl from the Washington DC area. I’ve been in computers and software engineering for my whole career spanning from software development to strategic consulting to infrastructure architecture. Looking forward to the challenges of AI and ML.

Hi! I am Dmitry from Novosibirsk. Russia. I want to understand the new version of the Fastai library to use it in my work. We in our company are developing an analytics service for commercial real estate. I hope to apply neural networks to this.


I’m Yonas from Alexandria VA. I’m a graduate student at Georgia Tech , studying ML. I hope to learn and understand deep learning to be able to apply it to problems in the computer vision and machine intelligence space.

Hi, This is Nikhil from Pune, India. I work in system development from past couple of yrs. Looking forward to learn & to move in the field of AI.

Hello everybody,
I’m Asutosh, currently a final year B.Tech Computer Science Student from India, an aspiring ML / DL engineer. Anybody from India interested in forming group, ping back!

Hi, I’m Ashwin, currently based out of Bangalore, India. I’ve closely worked with early stage startups, mostly in web dev/app dev space. Super excited to be here!

I’ve been dabbling with machine learning and deep learning projects for about a year (very small ones though). Also have published beginner-friendly blog posts on the same. Last year I took up a bunch of course-work from Udacity (machine learning nanodegree and Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree - Term 1), after which I applied to Udacity and did a part-time gig as a classroom mentor and project reviewer for a while.

I’m also part of editorial teams at a bunch of really good tech publications, like - freeCodeCamp, Code Like A Girl and Towards Data Science. Some of my goals at the end of this course -

  • To contribute back to the community by writing more blog posts, mentor/teach beginners on AI.
  • Also help my co-learners publish blogs on these publications; please feel free to DM/email me!)
  • and of-course, to advance my own knowledge on AI and implement them in projects, open-source work (super excited about the new Fast.AI library!), and participate in kaggle competitions.

Looking forward to a great learning experience! If you’re from Bangalore, I’d love to catch up sometime :slight_smile:


I’m Jess- an “academic” with a background in IT and health science. I’ve focused on academic data science for about 6 years now. I actually started out in computer information systems and worked for Hewlett-Packard and Intel as in IT analyst and industrial engineer before transitioning into health science (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, behavioral health, public health). As a professor, I mainly taught graduate level statistics for health sciences students. The most interesting aspects of my work have been commercializing academic research and working with strategic partnerships.

I’ve been focused on machine learning and deep learning for about 7 months- online, self learning. I’ve gotten a great start on Python, R, and some of the popular tools and libraries. I want to build machine learning and deep learning skills to apply in consulting work and interesting projects, especially health-related and social good. I’m also interested in the ethics of AI and reducing bias. I’m mostly working through the new Andrew Ng course and I lead a monthly AI meetup in Portland, OR. I’d love to collaborate!


I am Henry in Atlanta, anyone interested in an Atlanta study group?

Hello, I am from Indonesia, last year college student from informatics engineering. This is my first online established course I currently follow. interested in machine learning and data science especially about images be it computer vision or image processing. looking forward to your acquaintances. thank you.

Hi, I am Abhishek. I am a graduate student at UVic, Canada. I currently research on the topic of semantic hand segmentation from depth maps using deep learning.

Excited to be a part of this course. Thanks Jeremy and Rachel for this wonderful course.

Hey all, pretty stoked to be taking the course :smiley:

I am Manju, Software Engineering Lead at Salesforce on a team that is building Voice Assistant for Salesforce. So taking this course to go deeper on NLP side. I will also be giving a tech talk on this topic at QConSF :
Please come by if you are in SF. Otherwise find me on twitter @vmanju


Hi Christine, in the live class in San Francisco

Hi! I’m Alex, I’m attending in-person class in San Francisco. I’m Ruby developer for 10+ years, team lead at Evil Martians, CTO at I’m playing with Deep Learning for almost two years. I’ve won 3rd place in russian NLP competition with task similar to SQUAD, and not long time ago I started to compete on I’m looking forward to learn new things through this course, learn how to use awesome fastai library and maybe start to contribute into it. Also I decided to take in-person course because I know how awesome local community is and it’s much easier for me to be motivated when so many smart and motivated people around.
My GitHub is


wow 230am that’s being motivated

Hi, I am Stefanie. Nice to meet you all! I am a Grad Student in geospatial data science with a background in Geography and Forestry. I am currently trying to do a fine-grained classification of tree species on street level images for my thesis. I am generally really excited about how novel data science techniques can be used for environmental management and global change mitigation. I also took Andrew Ng’s Deep Learning specialisation and am curious what this course is going to teach me. Maybe there are others out here who try to apply DL on urban forestry or urban related topics?


Hi all, I am Leo from Hong Kong, doing postgrad study in HKUST.

My primary research field is data visualization. I would like to visualize what’s going on inside machine learning models, see what makes it make the decision it makes. And potentially, what might make it fail, so that we know what it capable to do and what not.

Hi everybody

I design and develop software-tools at Nvidia Graphics, Bangalore.
You can find my github profile at

My current ML interests are NLP and CV.