Intro to machine learning errors

Some context:

I started the intro to ML course yesterday. I’m using PaperSpace Gradient. I noticed if you use the Fast.AI 1.0 (V3) notebook there is no ml1 course notebooks. So I used the Fast.AI 0.7 instances and found the notebook for ml1.

So I’ve had some very strange behavior:

  • I had to change the import for fastai.structured to fastai.tabular after the 3rd time I logged in
  • the datepart functionality seems to have been run without it explicitly being called, or I should say sometimes I can run df_raw.saledate and it works but most times it says it can’t find saledate without the datepart code being present
  • last train_cat function can’t be found

I’m wondering if I should just stop wasting my time on this course and do to the dl1 course on 1.0?



Also running into the same issue