Intracourse status check #1

Hello fellow learners :slight_smile: I hope you don’t mind me posting this a little bit light hearted and not so serious post, but just wanted to share this with you:
We are already 1/7th way done with the course! This is both inspiring and scary - just a week in and we already can train state of the art models. On the other hand - and this is the question that I keep asking myself to course correct as need be - am I doing the best use of my time and the resources that have been made available to me for the duration of this course?

What have your experiences been thus far? Anything you find wonderful about your learning experience or is there anything that is holding you back?

When I reflect back on the first week myself, I am only partially happy with the progress I have made. I have only spent around 20% of the time I have given to this course on coding and the rest went into improving my AWS setup and writing overly long posts on this forum (oops :slight_smile:). The posts are probably okay-ish though could be way more concise, but the fact that I have not spent more time coding I find particularly disturbing. Well, something to fix in week #2 :slight_smile:

Also, I am blown away by the level of responses in the threads. So much good info being shared! @jeremy must have switched into his course mode and decided to withold rest till after the course or has managed to clone himself :wink: So the second objective I have for myself - going over the course materials and figuring what I don’t know -> making better use of the forums and asking more questions. I only really asked one good question thus far and received a great reply.

OK, I will stfu now and go do some coding :slight_smile: Thank you again @jeremy & @rachel for making this wonderful journey possible for me and thank you all for being such fine journey companions!