International Fellowship applications for Part 2 now open

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #102

Thought there are alot of applications, I wonder if there is a email confirmation for the filled form? or how we know the setup is :ok_hand:???

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #103

I think it is correct, because it is more like a subset or a set of specific things… or…

(Vijay Kumar) #104

Hi @DavideBoschetto,
I have checked in Spam folder as well … I haven’t got there mail.

(ecdrid) #105

Give a search for

(Vijay Kumar) #106

I did that as well… but not able to find any mail…

(Francisco Ingham) #107

Let’s go South America! Confirmed from Buenos Aires here!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #108

She’s still recovering from her illness. Hopefully she’ll be well enough to get involved - she really wants to!

(Vikas Bahirwani) #109

:frowning: . Please wish Rachel a speedy recovery on our behalf.


Got in…

(Vijay Kumar) #111

Hi @Jeremy @DavideBoschetto,
I still not received any mail, please include me in part 2 fellowship program as well.

(Sritanu Chakraborty) #112

Got in. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

(Vijay Kumar) #113

Thanks @Jeremy, @DavideBoschetto… I received the mail.

(William Horton) #114

Really excited to be a part of this! I’ll be tuning in as an “International” Fellow from New York City.

(Gerardo Garcia) #115

it can be done
As soon as @Jeremy post the google doc with the new locations I will submit it.

(ecdrid) #116

Me to waititng to try out Plotly

(Vijay Kumar) #117

Let me know if anyone received the the link for the program starting from 19th March

(Paras Kaushik) #118

Hi @jeremy, I’ve been accepted in this program but got late in submitting the form, could you please help with the access to part2-2018 forum.

(Paras Kaushik) #119

Did u receive the link? Also, is there a separate forum to discuss further?

(Vijay Kumar) #120

No… I haven’t received till now… anyone received please let us know.

(Paras Kaushik) #121