International Fellowship applications for Part 2 now open

Do not miss that :wink:


Thanks for posting @sermakarevich! :slight_smile:

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I am guessing you don’t have too many applications from Europe :sleeping:

Actually we have a lot! Lots of very late nights for those folks :slight_smile:


Is there a date we should start anticipating acceptance emails? Last time it was about a month out.

EDIT: Tomorrow (Feb 28) is last day to apply! Get to it!

Yes eagerly waiting for the email to know on acceptance of Part 2.
Fingers crossed.

How about applications from Southeast Asia?

Can we stack up to the European folks? :smiley:

I assume there is no discrimination of Southeast Asia :slight_smile: Feel free to apply. It might be the case that it is hard to run a course with 100K of international fellow students, but thats another story )

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Looking forward to it, hope to be accepted :slight_smile:

Realising how tough it will be to decide who will go in and who will not…

Fingers crossed. Hoping to get accepted. :slight_smile:
All the best to everyone!

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What is the time zone of the deadline date?
I really hope it’s PST and not UTC, because I’ve got carried away with the part 1 and submitted the application at 11:57 PM PST.

Argh…, I noticed the new course today. I have 12 hours of delay!! I am out, unless some miracle :grimacing:

Apply anyway. Whats the worst that happens… you have to wait 12 more weeks for some videos?

I believe in you

When do we know whether we are selected or not?

Given the number of applications, I am assuming it might take at least 1 week. Though I am more interested in the criteria they use for selection.

There probably stack of NLP RNN’s along with Wasserstein GAN’s taking input from hidden space. GANs would draw image
If mean inception score is good enough - application accepted :wink::wink::wink:


Hahahahaha nice !!! Good one pal

Yes, lets be optimistic! Would be great to be able to attend in ‘real-time’, this course is incredibly useful.

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Completely agreed.