International fellowship 2018 part2

Is the result for 2018 part2 v2 international fellowship announce yet? Really want to join but I have not got any reply.

Don’t think it has been announced yet. The first class is scheduled for 2 weeks from now. So, somewhere in the next 1-2 weeks we’ll get some feedback for sure :slight_smile:

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Indeed! It falls into “Promotion” in my gmail account, just received it 4 hours ago.

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I received my response a few hours ago

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Yipee… I got mine too…
Really excited …:star_struck::star_struck:

Got mine too.

got mine too

I have received mine too :smile:

I got mine too! Yaay :smiley:

I got mine too :slight_smile:

Yes, I got it!

I’m very pleased indeed as I have had my confirmation too.

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I am so disappointed in myself to consider I was not selected for the program as I did not receive the acceptance mail. I am also disappointed for not checking all the folders in my inbox. Today I found the acceptance mail in my promotion folder. :confused: What should I do now? @jeremy

You should PM me.

Hi ,jeremy.I got dissapointed when i couldn’t find the mail on march 15th.I am having health issue for quite some time during this month(we have relocated to kashmir and the extreme cold worsened my asthma).I am sorry but just now i have checked the forums and filled the google form ,would you please add me to the private forum mentioned in the mail. @jeremy

don’t worry I think it should be fine. Just wait for Jeremy.