Internal Server Error with Render deploy

In line with the production instructions and after following Lesson 2, I’ve forked the Render example app on GitHub and made my own. On Render it is just showing Internal Server Error, with the following showing in the logs:

The repo with source can be found here - any help on how to get around this would be most appreciated!

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I got that too.

Tested with vanilla example code and got same result. Have tried doing a local test but battled with library compatibility issues.

Someone commented on the Render thread with the same issue. I’ve posted a fix which worked for me so maybe you could check that and see if you works for you too: Deployment Platform: Render ✅

One surefire way is to directly edit your code in Github. When forking to Desktop app for GitHub, at least for me, ‘ruins’ the files. So what I did was upload the mkl by pasting the link into Github online and saving. Hopefully this works.