Interested in joining a learning cohort for part 1 in early January?


Interested, not sure about 10h per week but do try my best.
@cynosure new videos are released now, part 1 v2!

(Cynosure) #26

Found the new videos.

(nok) #27

This is the unofficial release of the new content in case you didn’t see it.


Great initiative. I’m in! I will start looking at the material today.

(George G.) #29

@MintyOrb I am in MintyOrb. Can we create a group?.. on Slack or Google Groups or any other? thx G.

(Tom Brown) #30

Yes, please count me in. Particularly if we are planning to try to use Part 1 Version 2 that was just soft-launched a few hours ago.

I started down that road this evening. Had some problems figuring out how to establish a starting point for this content. Anyone have an idea about the best way to get Part 1 V2 started?

There is this page for part 1 version 1.

This suggests getting started with AWS as part of Part 1 V1

If I’m reading this correctly it looks like the suggestion is to use Paperspace Setup .


What a great new year gift from Jeremy & Rachel. Count me in.

(Irshad Muhammad) #32

Count me also in guys

(Brian) #33

I’m in. I watched the v1 videos but only did some of the course work due to time constraints. The startup that I worked for just went under so I have plenty of time now :slight_smile:

Can we get a slack channel going for this?

(Brian) #34

@MintyOrb How should we organize this cohort? Slack or this forum or something else?

(Alex Sherin) #36

Add 1 more

(Rengarajan Bashyam) #37

interested. Thank you very much

(Miguel) #38

Hi @MintyOrb , did you take any steps to form a learning cohort for part 1? Perhaps a slack channel would be great?
Sure many people are already advancing in the curriculum, but many would love to join a cohort, what you think?
Let me know if I can help, it’d be a great way to keep motivation and commitment high.

(Tomin James) #39

I’m in.


I’m in

(Tim) #41

This is a larger response than anticipated! Hopefully we can create a productive little community.

@Apolmig @stan @brian @Theunbidden @maroonblazer @kiv @nikola @cynosure @sushantc @nok

This cohort will specifically be for part 1, and I agree that it makes the most sense to use the new v2 material.

It also seems like most people are leaning towards organizing this cohort via slack, so I’ve gone ahead and created a new slack group- since it appears the previous group has been decommissioned.

To join, follow this join link.

We can figure it out as we go along, but to start I think it makes sense to have a channel for each lesson.

Personally, I’m starting this week and plan to invest 6-12 hours per week.

See you all in the group :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or suggestions we can continue to discuss in this thread or in the new group.

(Tim) #42

@damien @afrocraft @akshaykr @abercher @tgb417 @Kinuthia @irshaduetian @mastercode0ai @Renga @tomin.james See the above post… (you can only mention 10 people per post).

(Rengarajan Bashyam) #43

Yes. I am. thank you.


Hi everyone, I’m interested too.
I already went through part1 v1 which was awesome, and looking at the first videos there seems to be quite some new content, plus the new fastai lib and pyTorch, so it seems useful to do it again (also i had rushed through some parts the first time). Thanks for organising this!

(Charles Merriam) #45

Hello Everyone,

I’m starting now. I would be up for coffee, either 9 a.m. weekdays, later on weekends, at Nosh (San Jose, CA) or Backyard Brew (11 a.m. or later) in Palo Alto.

Ping me here or to pick a date.