Integration of Quarto in nbdev

I came across Quarto today, gave it a closer look and it looks excellent to me. I think it would be great if nbdev were compatible with Quarto – or something similar like jupyterbook – to extend the publishing options of nbdev projects (> websites, pdf). Would be interested to hear your opinion on whether that’s feasible/desirable/doable?

It makes it possible to convert (a set of) interactive (executable) notebooks to websites or PDFs and is open to use with Python and R as well as different file formats (ipynb, md) and tools (JupyterLab, text editors). It operates on top of pandoc which is great for interoperability.

It features a nice set of Markdown syntax conventions to cover all kinds of publishing needs (websites, academic) very comprehensively (citations, subtables etc.). Unlike jupyterbook, it does not depend on Sphinx and I think it’s closer to the nbdev/fastpages conventions.


I agree. I’ve been playing with it a lot and I am really enjoying working with Quarto, both within notebooks as well as in the qmd text format is vscode and rstudio.

Quarto creates a project with required boilerplate and files for websites. I think it would be awesome if nbdev acted in a similar way and felt like an extension that allowed for creating a python library project. Instead of rendering to website it renders to pip/conda compatible library. Quarto has the concept of hash-pipe flags which that syntax could be reused possible for nbdev flags.

I think his is more complicated than other formats quarto renders to because a library involves pip/conda compatibility, testing/CI, a website for documentation, AND the library - so not sure that it’s feasible.

But I am getting so much use out of quarto that I would love if there was a way to do it all from quarto notebooks and maintain tooling/syntax consistency across more things that I do.

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I think you’ll both be glad to see nbdev2 - qdocs

You can follow the development by giving GitHub - fastai/nbdev2: Temporary repo for nbdev2 a star.


Does quarto have a feature or configuration settings like fastpages where you just put .docx files and .ipynb files into a folder and it gets automatically converted and categorised as blog posts?