Instantiating the learner takes a very (very) long time

Hi folks,

For some reason, this line in lesson 1, ConvLearner.pretrained(resnet34, preTrained=True) takes a very (very) long time to finish. I’m assuming that this is also precomputing the output on all the training images (?) I suppose it would’ve helped to get a progress-bar on this one.

I have a GTX 1080 Ti (actually 2 of them on a local machine with a NVMe SSD disk on an m2 port). So I suppose, disk or GPU latency is not the thing. What else is happening? Is it downloading the weights to the model as well? Unfortunately, everything is hidden from me, and I’m just staring into a blank screen. I do see CPU and GPU utilization, so perhaps something is going on.

Note to readers: This questions is being discussed here: Very slow loading of the Convnet pretrained model on lesson 1