Installing python libraries using both mamba and pip

TL;DR: I’m wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not I should worry about installing gradio with pip even if it was strongly suggested in Live Coding 1 to use mamba in order to install python libraries. (I remember from Live Coding 1 that if we accidentally do some installation with pip, we’ll have to, at the worst, delete our mambaforge directory and start from scratch again, that is why I’m so concerned.)

I’m following the “live coding” records and I’ve completed session 1 and 2. I’ve achieved a setup of the python environment exactly as Jeremy shows us, that is, among other things, using mamba to install python libraries and running jupyter notebooks locally. I should recall that there was a strong emphasis in Live Coding 1 that we should install with mamba, instead of pip.

I’m trying to deploy my DL model on Huggingface Spaces, too. In order to run locally one of the notebooks shown in Lesson 2, I need to install gradio. However, in the documentation it is indicated to install with pip. Furthermore, searching in this forum (ctrl+F) “gradio installation” I found that Jeremy also used pip to do this installation in Live Coding 18.

I’m very confused, I don’t understand anymore what has happened with the advice of Live Coding 1 of making a habit to install with mamba. Nonetheless, I’m currently finished with Live Coding 2 and many things could have been said from Live Coding 3 to 18 about why we could also use pip to do python libraries installations.

I also looked through the posts of live coding to see when Jeremy starts to use pip, and thanks to the video timeline of @Daniel, I could find a part where Jeremy talks about using both mamba and pip. And as far as I understand, we actually could use both.

So, I’m wondering if anyone can confirm this, i.e., that I won’t get any problems if I do this installation with pip.