Input to a DataLoader

I want to print the input (- the form in which we pass the dataset to the dataloader) of a dataloader. How can I get it, once I have created a databunch?

Hi, have you tried show_batch() function? databunch.show_batch()

plus every data bunch has a train_dl attribute. So my guess would be you can do
something like

yeah, tried all of the above

x,y = next(iter(data.train_dl)) assuming the data is the way I think it should work? what error are you getting ?

Error around tensor dimensions.

I am trying to pass next(iter(db.train_dl) through the _collate_fn in this link - collate function.

Hey I think that maybe you’ll need to see which dimension is needed. Check the shape of the dl and then check the dimension axis needed for the function you mentioned above