In my docs, html header, css, images, and js folders are missing

I’m struggling to make my docs files properly display the content of the html files.
Here are the docs link, and my timeseries github repo link.

I generated my docs using nbdev_build_docs under Ubuntu (using WSL) like Zack’s fastshap library. His docs are properly displayed.

By checking out the Sources in Google Chrome, I noticed that the html headers as well as the css, images, and js folders are missing (see images here below).

Any ideas on what is the source of this problem?

Thank you in advance for your help



Check basepath in _config.yml.

Thank you very much @jeremy. It turns out I was missing the whole _config.yml file. Now, the documentation is live and the timeseries project looks more like a real library :smile:


Thank you too @muellerzr for trying debugging this issue and telling me that you were able to generate your docs using WSL.

Keep up the good work Zack, you are doing an amazing job in this forum, and good luck for your exams :wink:


Strong agree!


I getting the same problem. actually I am developing a web application using python. I want to implement css credit card animation effect