Important - new URL for part 2

Part 2 of the 2019 course is now here:

This course requires fastai v1. To stop fastai from updating to v2, run in your terminal:

echo 'fastai 1.*' >> $CONDA_PREFIX/conda-meta/pinned

many thanks from all 2 of us who are still doing part 2 and not flapping around in the 2020 forum :grinning:

[edit] i haven’t gotten as far as needing fastai yet, for colab i presume i’m just going to have to pip uninstall fastai and install fastai1 each time?

You should be able to do pip install fastai==1.0.61 --force However IIRC part 2 is about building the library from scratch, so you shouldn’t need to install the library


So far it is, it was Jeremy’s comment about conda pinning which had me assuming that changed at some point later.

Tbh I think even it it does, when the DIY library bit finishes I’ll probably move to V2 anyway.

Hi Jeremy
My book arrived today :smile:. I find it far easier to read a book rather than try to make notes while watching a video.
Two questions.
Having waged war with Swift for the last two lessons (2019P2), can I remove any trace of Swift from my memory or will it return in the future. I did integrate export and google drive on colab if anybody is interested.
Are there any plans for a new [Computational Linear Algebra] because the audio quality is poor. I believe there is a transcript for the new 2020 course. Is it possible for you to generate one for [Computational Linear Algebra]
Regards Conwyn


I followed the blog building instructions in the book and i have create a blog on for anybody using Swift and Colab. Just click on GCE.

That’s a great question. @jeremy what happened to Swift?

I’m still making my way slowly through part 2 2019 (have gone through all of 2019 part1, haven’t really touched the 2020 course).

I was super excited to get to the swift /chris lattner lectures, however I get the impression that this part of the course (and maybe S4TF in general?) is likely to be abandoned.

@jeremy Any update on this? What happened to S4TF? Is it still worth learning?

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I recently started the 2020 course.

Has anyone done both the course materials 2019 part 1 and 2 and the 2020 course?

Is it worth doing 2019 part 2 after doing the 2020 course?


I did part 1_2020 and now I am in the middle of part 2_2019.
Part_2_2019, is about building fastai library from scratch, so if you like to understand in-depth how things work in fastai you can definetely take it.