Important - new URL for part 2

Part 2 of the 2019 course is now here:

This course requires fastai v1. To stop fastai from updating to v2, run in your terminal:

echo 'fastai 1.*' >> $CONDA_PREFIX/conda-meta/pinned

many thanks from all 2 of us who are still doing part 2 and not flapping around in the 2020 forum :grinning:

[edit] i haven’t gotten as far as needing fastai yet, for colab i presume i’m just going to have to pip uninstall fastai and install fastai1 each time?

You should be able to do pip install fastai==1.0.61 --force However IIRC part 2 is about building the library from scratch, so you shouldn’t need to install the library

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So far it is, it was Jeremy’s comment about conda pinning which had me assuming that changed at some point later.

Tbh I think even it it does, when the DIY library bit finishes I’ll probably move to V2 anyway.

Hi Jeremy
My book arrived today :smile:. I find it far easier to read a book rather than try to make notes while watching a video.
Two questions.
Having waged war with Swift for the last two lessons (2019P2), can I remove any trace of Swift from my memory or will it return in the future. I did integrate export and google drive on colab if anybody is interested.
Are there any plans for a new [Computational Linear Algebra] because the audio quality is poor. I believe there is a transcript for the new 2020 course. Is it possible for you to generate one for [Computational Linear Algebra]
Regards Conwyn


I followed the blog building instructions in the book and i have create a blog on for anybody using Swift and Colab. Just click on GCE.

That’s a great question. @jeremy what happened to Swift?

I’m still making my way slowly through part 2 2019 (have gone through all of 2019 part1, haven’t really touched the 2020 course).

I was super excited to get to the swift /chris lattner lectures, however I get the impression that this part of the course (and maybe S4TF in general?) is likely to be abandoned.

@jeremy Any update on this? What happened to S4TF? Is it still worth learning?

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