Import fastai errors

Hi, I tried to import fastai in ipython, there are a bunch of errors, I corrected them as following:

  1. the __all__ variables in many files, including,,,,,, should be a list of String, such as:
  • __all__ = ['loss_batch', 'fit', 'Learner'] in file
  1. the module imports.callbacks doesn’t exist, I restore it from the repository, and change many imports statements, such as:
  • import callbacks as cb ----> from .imports import callbacks as cb in file

  • import .core import * ----> from ..imports.core import * in file

I’m wondering if my modifications to the code is right? or I just missed some critical things?

Thank you so much!

None of that is currently in a working state - see the dev_nb notebooks for what’s currently working (the ones with names starting with a number).