Imagenette & Imagewoof on HuggingFace datasets

Hello everyone :wave:

Since I’ve been using Imagenette for quite a while now, I thought about experimenting with HuggingFace datasets.

So I created the dataset builders and all the necessary files to make those easily available on this hub:

This comes with a nice preview for subset of the dataset!

It should be done everywhere, but if I forgot some due credits, please ping me :slight_smile:

PS: I had no idea where to put this topic, happy to move it if this doesn’t fit here!

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I do think you could do a better job of explaining that i created this dataset, and you’ve just uploaded it to HF. All I see is a citation link at the very end.

I would also suggest asking authors for permission before re-publishing their work under your own account.

Hi @Jeremy,

My apologies!
Actually, I took the template of other datasets uploaded there and filled the README. I took the one from Imagenet since this was a similar situation (i.e. uploaded by someone else than the author), and then spent some time figuring out how to get the dataset preview to work. But the README is still quite thin and mostly a copy-paste from the template I found for HF datasets! I’ll make it more explicit that this is your work, only shared on another platform than where it was initially published!

Again, I have no interest in taking credits for others’ work, and I understand you can be frustrated about this. I didn’t consider this as a republication, only sharing your work on another platform, but if you prefer that I remove both of them, I’m happy to do so :+1:

Let me know what you prefer :slight_smile:

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Thanks @fgfm – I’ve got no problem with you doing this; I just wanted to let you know how I’d prefer this happen. Thanks for adding the note to the dataset page.

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