ImageDataBunch histogram of class distribution

Hi there,

does the ImageDataBunch class or any other fastai components provide any methods to find out how many samples per class it contains? Sort of a histogram over classes?
Maybe even for separately for the training, validation and test set?

Also, does the data augmentation option via get_transforms() actually increase the number of training samples in the ImageDataBunch or are the original samples merely replaced by their transformed results?

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Whenever we go through a mini-batch, a random transformation is applied on the image after its loaded from disk. So each time we go through minibatches, you can expect a different transformation to be applied to the same image.

To look at the distribution of classes, right out of the top of my head I suppose you can grab the classes for each image from data.train_ds.y and plot the relevant histogram. You can repeat the above for valid_ds and test_ds.

Thanks a lot for your answer James. That really helped me. :+1: