ImageCleaner on colab

Does anyone know why ImageCleaner does not work on colab? I am running lesson 2 and when I get to ImageCleaner it gets stuck and I have to restart the notebook. Some people mentioned that colab doesn’t support ipywidgets but I have tried different widgets in colab and all of them worked just fine.
Does anyone know how it can be fixed?


Google won’t allow some widgets. ImageCleaner being one of them.

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When I look at the link you posted, it seems that the problem has been resolved.
If there is only certain widgets colab is not allowing I am wondering exactly which widgets they are. Or if there is a way to modify the ImageCleaner to be compatible with colab.

It’s ones that are requested. It seems that since ImageCleaner came from FastAI, I believe someone needs to request to have it allowed.

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According to this link, Image widget causes Colab to disconnect.

From my personal experience, it would not only cause a disconnect, but also cause the entire runtime to hang up at “Busy”.

@yuxi_liu_1995 That is correct. My widget will be able to show you what images were most wrong in a particular category (box on the confusion matrix) which is about as close as I’ve gotten so far, along with the file name . See here:

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