"ImageClassifierData.from_csv" Error

I am trying to use "ImageClassifierData.from_csv()"command to import my images data along with a CSV file with labels and getting the following error. Have anyone ever encountered this error?

That issue is with your directory structure…
As it says that the file is missing wherever you are searching…

I don’t know what that file should be… it looks like the program is search for file “.ipynb_checkpoints” in the folder where I save all the images…

You might be having your notebook in the ./data directory

Yes, some operation repoints the cursor 1 level down…I have faced this error as well

as everyone has said above. use something like the following. This is the one i used for dogbreeds

PATH = "/home/ubuntu/data/dogbreeds/"
data = ImageClassifierData.from_csv(PATH, ‘train’,csv_fname = PATH + ‘labels.csv’,bs=64,test_name = ‘test’,val_idxs=val_idx,suffix=’.jpg’,tfms=tfms)