Image Variations

Hello!, I’m trying to do the following;
Given an image, generate another image (or many) similar to the input image.
I looked at two techniques but they don’t work as I need:
Style Transfer: needs two images as input, I want to give one
Texture Synthesis: the given image is small, I want to use a 1000x1000 pixels image as input

What techniques are possible for what I want to do?


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Here’s one to get you started:

A few things to note:
1000x1000 pixels image as an input will require a crazy amount of GPU memory and training time.

Think of GANs as make x like y or from y. In terms of how to set it up like that example, your y’s are whatever similar image you want to use. (The notebook I link above shows something like that)

Others may chime in to

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Hi!, thanks for the answer,

In my case I only have a y; only one and single input image, and I need to generate variations of the same size based only in that on input image.
I found this Github project which does something similar:

But it confuses me, do I need Deep Learning, or just dive into Markov Chains?
(excuse me if the question is dumb!)