Image representation in the platform (why gray scale?) (get_data)

First, thanks this is an amazing course… Really, I learned so much here)… Thank you Jermy!

I use the very convenient get_data to save and and retrieve my data, I needed to look at the images after saving them

(512, 3, 224, 224)

512 images // no problem , and some transpose
plt.imshow( test_data[3].transpose(1,2,0)) # height , width, dim

I get an almost gray scale image… Or actually the image looks more like an x-ray image.

I looked into the get_data code to see if there is any conversion, but didn’t see any

Am I missing something?

Never mind, I figured it out …
plt.imshow( train_data[0].transpose(1,2,0).astype(np.uint8))

Shows the image!