Ideas for how Deep Learning could benefit education and training?


I’m after some ideas, my employer (who are a vocational training company) will allow me to learn study some deep learning (in their time), if I can suggest a benefit to the company that could potentially come from it.

We are an IT training company, which specialise in delivering training in the workplace, things such as spreadsheet courses to employees.

This is a really great opportunity for me to be able to study in work time, having a young family means it’s very difficult to find any time outside of work at the moment.

Being new to the topic I’m not quite sure what I can suggest back to the company that we could ultimately produce that could benefit our learners, but I need this idea in order to start? It doesn’t have to be a 100% certainty they are happy to have a risk that the project might not work, but I need a good idea to take to them.

Can anybody help me with a potential project idea?

This is an inspiration from fastbook itself. Questionnaire at the end of each lesson is a great way to reinforce the concepts learnt and helps the learner to be actively engaged with material presented.

But not all training materials or books have such a feature.

Can Deep Learning enable this Question Generation to assist learner??? This is one such idea.

In short focusing on the pain points of the learner and enable them to actively engage and retain the material would help.

That’s an interesting idea, I’m working my way through the book before starting the video series.

So the idea would be that it would look at the course materials and then try and generate questions on that topic?