Idea: Lessons Pinned thread

I know that in-class discussions or wiki threads are often pinned to the top of the forum topic, but sometimes they’re not! I seem to have a hard time locating them sometimes if they get buried a bit, and would be awesome to see them on top.

I figured since it’s probably a bad idea to pin all lessons to the top, we can have one pinned thread that links to the other lessons?

Not sure if I’m the only one who struggles to find the wiki thread sometimes, but let me know if you have suggestions!

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I face the problem as well. One thing to keep in mind is that every “Lesson #” has a wiki page …always starts with the word “Lesson”.

I also make my cheat sheet with link to help me navigate …

  1. Focus only on forums tag “Part 1v2” … Tag “Part 1” is from previous classes

  2. Find “Treat” : This has lot of info… I would scroll slowly and copy to your chest sheet.

Treat: Another treat! Early access to Intro To Machine Learning videos

  1. E.g : Lesson 1: Lesson 1 In-Class Discussion
    Don’t ignore any links …each has a tons of info…home work,useful previous previous video link etc

  2. Lesson2: Lesson 2 In-Class Discussion

One more important thread
Lesson 0: Introduction : Wiki thread: Intro workshop

Hi @abdel, just in case you didn’t notice it, there is a “bookmark” tag in the three dots under threads. I use it exactly for the purpose you are describing :smile:


I’ll pin it now - thanks for the reminder!

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