I need to quickly learn Single Object Detection. Can I skip directly to Lesson 8?

I’m actually still on Part 1 but there’s a time-sensitive project in Object Detection that I might be able to take part in. I’ve only completed up to the 4th lesson in Part 1, and I see that most of the following lessons deal with NLP rather than computer vision, except for the last of P1 on training Resnets from scratch.

If I skip directly to Lesson 7 and then go to Lesson 8 (1st of Part 2), would I be missing out on anything important that was previously discussed in lessons 5 and 6 (which I will go back to later some time)?

you are too far behind and you will be pretty confused. you should at least know how to build a resnet from lesson 6~ 7 before starting SSD.

OK, then I’ll skip ahead to the Resnet training section to get all caught up

In my humble opinion, I did skip from lesson 4 directly to lesson 8 and after 2 weeks of trying, I decided to return to Part 1, starting over gain from lesson 5. It’s true that many of the topics from lesson 4 to 6 deals with non image classification subjects, however, going through the non-image lessons(I recommend that at least you watch them and take note) will help you to solidify your knowledge on image classification.

I also made a mistake initially of just watching lessons without much coding. By just watching, you may understand the concept, but you(if you are a layman like me) definitely won’t be able to produce any significant work.

I learned that it is only by finding out what each line of code does and try to reproduce them by my own, I can then use the knowledge learned to produce something else.

To me, that is the only shortcut!