I just started to learn fastaiv1 for one month, but should I jump to fastai v2 because it is newer and forget about v1?

I haven’t studied the part2 2019 video that is about teaching what is inside the v1 code. But it looks like v2 is already in stable mode, so should I just skip the part2 2019, forget about v1 fastai, and jump to v2 fastai?

of course, fastai v2 solved many mistakes in design from v1. Jump directly to v2, do not wait.
But the knowlege from fastai course is for general purpose, do not need to specify which version of fastai.

I’d recommend the v2 study group I’ve been doing and Jeremy’s walkthroughs to catch up to speed with whats new, I made sure to go into great detail on the major changes. It’s relatively stable, there are some bugs with the last bits of the library, things get refactored every so often so you need to keep track of nomenclature changes, and remember it won’t be officially released until July. (this was announced recently)