I got this error, it is from lesson8. Who can explain whats the solution? Thanks a lot

I don’t think mnist.pkl.tgz exists. Can you try to explicitly specify the .gz extension instead? Try replacing your second cell with:

path = datasets.download_data(MNIST_URL, ext='.gz'); path

Just to add a bit more explanation:

When running download_data(MNIST_URL') without specifying the extension (ext='.gz'), it will default to .tgz.

In your case it tries to download http://deeplearning.net/data/mnist/mnist.pkl.tgz instead of http://deeplearning.net/data/mnist/mnist.pkl.gz.

If you try to open the first link, it will show a 404 - not found page. What happened is that the library downloaded this html page, which is not a gzipped file, hence the error.

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