I give up: How to add images to nbdev docs

First, I realized that NOTHING else apart from Level 1 (#) header and > descripton shall be in the first cell. Anything else in that cell (like a logo image display) will be ignored.

Ok, settling on the next cell than, adding a Markdown image load, just like nbdev is is using:


First issue:

  • nbdev_build_docs is not mirroring the nbs folder internal asset folder images into the docs folder
    • it seems, it created the images subfolder but stopped short in copying its content.

After copying the asset folder content over to docs, the local rendering via make docs_serve finally works, and after I remembered adding the new docs/images subfolder to github, I was hoping it should just pop up on my github.io website, but alas it isn’t. :frowning:
What am I missing? I really tried to learn from the setup at nbdev but it’s still not working.

My website is here: PlanetaryPy | planetarypy

Thanks for any hints!

WTAF?? Clicking on the link somehow triggered the loading of the asset? I swear it wasn’t working right up to sending this post… :frowning: Web technologies never fail to confuse me…