I get error when I put my model in production in Huggin Face

Hola; He seguido todos los pasos que Jeremy explicó en el vídeo de la lección 2. Pero recibo un error cuando pongo mi modelo en producción en Huggin Face. He pasado por todos los pasos con mucho cuidado, pero no puedo entender qué hay de malo con Abrazar la cara y recibo el siguiente error:

Could someone please solve the error?

Hey, the huggingface space doesn’t know what fastai is by default. The information to tell huggingface what additional libraries it should add to the space should be placed in a requirements.txt file so check if you did that step correctly when following the lessons.
Edit: see Jeremys repo, it holds that requirements.txt with a single line fastai.

You need to upload these files .

The jpg file is just a sample for my specific problem to test.
and in requirements.txt
it should contain the following at least.