I created a custom GPT-4 tutor with knowledge of FastAI and ML

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to drop in and share a custom gpt I created for myself to help me work through the lessons from the course and chapters from the book for people who are ChatGPT premium users.


I was struggling with the course starting from lesson 3 with all the complex ideas and terminology and found myself getting stuck until I started asking ChatGPTfor help explaining things and found it really helpful and using their new custom GPT maker just simplifies the whole process as I no longer had to explain the background of the course or that I was learning Deep learning.

Thought I would share it since I’ve been using it a ton and assumed people on the forum might have GPT plus. Who knows how long the custom GPT’s will last with all the crazy news this weekend :sweat_smile:
but hopefully this will be useful for one or two of you


Thanks for sharing, Philip! How did you make your GPT become a subject matter of fastai?

Thanks Phillip, will check it out!

Hi Philip. Thanks for sharing this. Can I ask what’s the difference between doing this, and having a preset prompt in GPT4? Did you pass in all the book and course Information or pass in a prompt?

If it was the latter, what kinds of things did the prompt say?

I’m curious because I’m using your custom GPT sometimes, but because I don’t know what was said to prompt it, I’m finding that I’m preferring to use the base model and have a pre-set header prompt.



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