I can't open the detail documents on Github

I can’t open the detail documents, while I click in the ipynb file it failed.

I’ve tried other .ipynb files in the link of fast.ai, but it also failed.
Is there any problem for the documents?

Hi Laura,
I faced similar issue opening .ipynb files. Switching to a new network rendered the files. I guess this might be because of poor network connectivity. At least that’s what solved the problem for me.

Thank you, but there is only wifi in my work place, so I’ve to find another solution.

I’ve connect to a network wire to try open the file again, but the result is the same. I guess it is not because of the network connnectivity.

You can paste the URL in this notebook viewer: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org (I use this tool a lot because it renders the notebooks much faster than GitHub.)

Thanks, I could open the file right now normally on Github. I think they have fixed the problem already.