I can't add image into md in my fastpages blog

When I put any image into an md cell, all my jupyter notebook post is gone. Any explanation/experience/idea about that.

It turns out if the image is missing then the post is not converted. The remedy is to keep your images folder under control. For me cloning the whole repository (blog repository) and checking it locally with jupyter notebook then pushing it to Github worked best.

Pleased to see your issue, I have same issue but till i can’t able to find any solution from anywhere, If you get any solution then please help me.

Hello Eric. My blog is working fine now. How do you upload your notebook and images? Is it from github interface or local git command? Can you see the image on the local copy?

I had difficulty figuring it out too. I posted an article on my fastpages blog explaining how I do it. Adding a Photo to a Fastpages Blog Post | fastpages.

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Hi, checked your blog, yes it works that way but you do not need to use absolute path, instead you can use relative path. It is easier. Check this:
if you are working under a certain folder. ("_notebooks") and if you have a image folder in it then:

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