Hugging face problem?

My model is fine. It is working in huggingface when go there and rebuild it. However it seems huggingface stop running the model after a while. It used to run all the time which made it easy to show your model to future employee , VCs or even give your API so they can make an app around it?
Do you have the same problem too? and if yes what is the solution ?
I checked one of the part1 Jeremy notebook in Huggingface , the same problem.(it is not running)

The free tier of spaces let’s you run it for 24 or 48hrs with no one using it before it will shut down. You need to ensure that there is traffic at least once a day, or manually start the space again.


So visit the page once a day will do it? or I have to use the model?

You have to have the space run, so someone needs to interact with it. Otherwise you can manually start the space again

(There is also a very cheap CPU tier that will run 100% of the time instead)

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Looking at Jeremy’s at the moment, it is not running due to a runtime error. He might have to pin the fastai version to 2.7.10. Guessing it is `Learn.predict` Errors Out if Passed a `PILImage` · Issue #3880 · fastai/fastai · GitHub


If you are running v2.7.1 you can pass in the filename itself, instead of the PILImage. Have a look here for more details:

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