Http:// is not available

hello to all,

the link to vgg16 model weights and .json (imagenet_class_index.json) at is not available.

Any suggestions?

SOLVED (thanks to @swegener):

the new link is (

Right here:

It would be good to add a note to the video at that time to point people to the right place.

However, does not seem to work either. The host exists, but it returns a 404 at any level.

Note that the thumbnail is for the beginning of the video, but the actual link if you click through is to the place in the video where makes an appearance.

As far as I know, YouTube has disabled the annotations feature; they can still be seen on old videos, but new ones can not be added (that’s what I heard, I do not publish YouTube videos on my own).

Instead, I still strongly suggest adding a redirect at the old domain as I explained in the other thread.

Strange, I just checked it: works for me and I can download vgg16.h5

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I think I figured it out.

Just entering ‘’ into Firefox loads (note ssl). The certificate isn’t valid, so I added a security exception to load it anyway (because I live on the edge like that) - unfortunately, the ssl site isn’t configured to return the same content, instead it’s a 404.

I’d suggest either: get a letsencrypt cert (free! very cool), or just disable ssl.


exactly the ( solves the problem.

thank you! is also not available, although it is mentioned in the Could you please provide an alternate link