How Would One Go About Doing "Video" on FastAI


I am working on implementing a time series image conversion using visibility graphs to then train a cv model on those converted images.

Since a single PPG signal gives multiple images, I am guessing that for the model to have the full idea and be able to do inference on a given signal, I’d need to treat the task as a Video Classification task.

I was wondering how should one go about that?

Sorry if that’s a silly question.

EDIT: So now I have finished working on my Patient class.
The class in question currently takes a PPG signal and then converts it to an image using VGTL-net according to the paper of the same name.

My Patient class holds 4 image sequences:

  • angry_images : tuple(sequence, label)
  • sad_images : tuple(sequence, label)
  • joy_images : tuple(sequence, label)
  • relaxed_images : tuple(sequence, label)

I am still trying to learn the ropes around this DL stuff. But I assumed that the above format would be the most convenient way to process the data. There’s a further step to do to ensure all sequences are the same length, but that’s for another day.

Right now I am just trying to get the logic. Did I mess up somewhere? How should I build from there.

Just replying to myself. I changed the format of my code slightly, doing it from the Patient class might be possible but more trouble than its worth considering a tutorial exists holding my hand through the entire thing going another way.

So I still load and do all the processing through Patient, then now download the files to disk following a label (parent directory) → instance of category (directory for each patient) → all images for that converted ppg.

PIL is giving me weird shape issues for RGB conversion where it tells me the shape is (1,1,50) even though manual checking tells me its (3,50,50) but oh well. That’s where I am at currently.

Also I was being lazy, some searching after posting this question and I found this: fastai - Image sequences